Welcome to The League of Extraordinary Gentlman's Game. Here you will test your extraordinary brain power. Good luck in defeating Hyde, the enemy!

Game Instructions

You will be given the enemy's (Hyde's) random number at the start of the game.

There are four league members below, Alan Quatermain (The Hunter), Mina Harker (The Vampire), Dorian Gray (The Immortal), and Nemo (The Scientist). By clicking on a league member you will add a spedific amount of points to your gentlemens score.

You win the game by matching your gentlemens score to Hyde's number, you lose the game if your score goes above the Hyde's number. When you win or lose, Hyde will chose another random number and the game begins again.

The value of each league member is hidden from you until you click on it. You'll need to do some math to figure out the value of each additional league member after you've clicked the first one.

Each time a new game starts, the value of the league members will change.

The Enemy - Hyde

Gentlemens Sum =