Founded in September 2017 by Jason (Guitar) and Jillyan (Singer), Forever May Fall breaks through the genre barriers by combining alternative rock, metal, and numerous other styles to create a unique sound. With the introduction of Pat on bass, Justin on guitar, and Adam on drums, Forever May Fall has become a force to be reckoned with. Deep lyrics, cutting vocals, catchy guitars, melodic bass lines and powerful drums bring stories and moods to life. Click on band member photos for additional bio.

Jillyan 'Fox' Brennan, Vocals
Jillyan 'Fox' Brennan
Jason Ofeldt, Guitar
Jason Ofeldt
Justin Elliott, Guitar
Justing Elliott
Patrick Swesey, Bass
Patrick Swesey
Adam Crabtree, Drummer
Adam Crabtree


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Forever May Fall Band 1
Forever May Fall Band 2
Forever May Fall Band 3
Forever May Fall Band 4
Forever May Fall Band 5
Forever May Fall Band 6

First and foremost, Forever May Fall would like to thank you. Yeah, you – the person reading this. Without you, our fans, none of this would matter; just words written on paper sent out into the nothingness – but YOU have given US a purpose. We would like to thank our families for engaging us in our passions and pushing us to follow our dreams. Thank you for paying for instruments, music lessons and concert tickets until we were old enough to get our own jobs. Bless your ears and heads for the many years it took us to perfect our talents. You guys are the real MVPs. We would like to thank all of our friends for the consistent encouragement and support and enduring the many declined invites for the sake of band practice. Thank you for sharing our social media updates and rocking our t-shirts and stickers all over town. We’d also really like to thank Fox’s neighbors for not calling the cops during band practice. Specifically, we’d like to thank the following people for their contributions that made Forever May Fall’s first year and freshman album an experience to remember.

Tom Burke – Salty Designs – Long Island, NY

Shay Carnes – The Mint Dot – Huntersville, NC

Brendan Lambert – Red8 Screen Printing – Westland, MI

Boo English – Knothole Recording Studio – Weddington, NC

Dan Russell-Pinson – Photography – Charlotte, NC

Randy Gentry – Web Developer – Charlotte, NC